Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a very gentle, slow and rhythmic face and body treatment which focuses directly on improving the function of the Lymphatic System, by following the pathways of the many lymphatic vessels located on the body.

Designed by Dr’s Emil and Estrid Vodder in Europe, MLD can improve and facilitate the movement of lymphatic fluid from the body’s tissues into the lymphatic vessels, soothe and calm the nervous system, as well as provide pain relief.


Conditions that could benefit from MLD

    ▪    Fluid Retention

    ▪    Assistance with weight loss

    ▪    Edema resulting  from sprains/muscle injury/sports injuries

    ▪    Arthritis

    ▪    ME

    ▪    MS

    ▪    Sinusitis

    ▪    Fatigue

    ▪    Cellulite

    ▪    Aches and pains

    ▪    Headaches

    ▪    Tension and Stress

    ▪    Digestive problems


Your Lymphatic System and its role in maintaining good health.

The Lymphatic System consists of vessels, ducts and nodes and is closely connected to  the cardiovascular system. It is often referred to as an  ”internal cleaning system for the whole body” .  It is vital for the maintenance of human life because if it fails to function correctly, excessive fluids and toxins build up causing the body pain, loss of energy, infection and disease. During the complex transportation process, the lymph fluid is cleaned, concentrated and filtered by one of the 600-700 lymph nodes located around the body. They also  produce  a certain type of white blood cell, namely lymphocytes, which is why  the lymphatic system is vital to immunity.


An Inefficient Lymphatic System

If the Lymphatic system is working efficiently, we generally feel healthy. Tiredness, constant fatigue, bouts of colds and infections could mean that our lymphatic system is weak and struggling to function to its optimum capability. A congested lymphatic system, resulting from the metabolic waste materials inablity to be removed, can also prevent new healthy nutrients, that are vital to the human cell’s very existence, nourish the cells in our body.


How Can MLD Help?

The effects of MLD are numerous and generally it affects the nervous system, so aiding pain relief and encouraging relaxation, soothes tired sore muscles, aids fluid movement in the connective tissue, by stimulating the lymph vessels and possibly has an affect on the immune system (though this has not yet been proven).


Is MLD compatible with other treatments?

MLD combines extremely well with other complementary and orthodox treatments. As with all complementary therapies, some conditions may require consent from your physician.

With my MLD treatments I use essential oils that support the Lymphatic system to get the best possible results, such as those which are diuretic, circulatory stimulants, antiviral, and lymphatic tonics.

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