We support our clients wellbeing and health through holistic support of the body's own healing process, in times of illness, emotional discomfort and stress. All with care and dignity. 

Our Mission

There is a vital force within us all, an energy force which flows throughout our bodies, energizing each and every cell so that we have a healthy synergy of the body and mind. When this flow is obstructed by either emotional stress or a physical condition, it decreases or even becomes blocked. A Complementary Therapist will help to re-balance, nourish, cleanse and maintain the flow of this vital force energy by working with a patients own healing mechanism and enabling them to restore their bodies to optimum health.

Complementary therapies are primarily based on systems practiced thousands of years ago based on treating the patient as a whole – treat the cause, not just the symptoms. We may choose to combine several different systems and practices to better serve the client's needs.

The overall goal of my work as a Complementary Therapist is to work in partnership with my clients, to motivate them towards better health and to put their well being into their own hands so that they become an active participant in their recovery and health maintenance. It supports them by providing healthcare education and encourages positive lifestyle changes.

Some of these therapies such as Aromatherapy and Morrell Reflex Touch are being used within the healthcare systems across the United Kingdom to help patients cope and maintain a positive well-being during and after ill health.

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To be her client is an honor. When rating both her products and services, without a doubt, she is among the top in her field.
— Francesca, Florida